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Every Wednesday & Friday for Lunch & Dinner during Lent

Lent Fish Fry Special

Top Fish Restaurants for Lent | Lent Fish Restaurants nears Schaumburg

Served with your choice of potatoes, hush puppies and cole slaw by request

Fish Fry Schaumburg | Lent Fish Fry Restaurants in Schaumburg
Lent Fish Restaurants in Schaumburg | Places to go for Lent Fish in Schaumburg

The Best Lent Fish Fry in the Burbs!

Join us for our popular Lent Fish Fry in Schaumburg at Village Tavern & Grill. Our fish is fresh and cooked to order evertime. Every Wednesday and Friday during Lent we have our All You Can Eat Fish Fry Special for both lunch and dinner.



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